HIAS+JCORE staff, JUMP befrienders and young people sit on a blanket at the 2023 JUMP summer picnic. They are talking and eating food together.

A befriending project for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and young people.

What is JUMP?

JUMP is HIAS+JCORE’s UnaccompaniedMinors Project 

JUMP providesone-to-one befriending for young asylum seekers who have come to the UK without parents or a guardian.

Befrienders and young people stand around a kitchen table, with bread they have cooked together.

What is befriending?

JUMP matches up unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees with a trained and committed adult volunteer befriender.  

Befrienders offer a regular, stable and structured friendship plus support in navigating through life in the UK. 

JUMP pairs meet once every 2 weeks, for at least year. 

What JUMP pairs do depends on both people’s interests. Some pairs meet regularly for a coffee and chat. Others might work together on practical issues such as registering with the GP.

David Mason and JUMP participants stand smiling under the cover of a tree at the JUMP summer picnic.

Your journey on JUMP

What might your journey through JUMP look like?

A flow chart showing the journey and process of our JUMP project.

Becoming part of the JUMP community

When you join  JUMP, you become part of the JUMP community​. 

We invite befrienders and young people to JUMP activities and trips every two months. Previously we’ve run picnics, supper clubs, baking lessons and an annual beach trip!

How do we safeguard young people?

We have procedures in place to make sure JUMP’s young people are safe.  

After applying, every befriender goes through an interview, and must send us two professional references and undertake an enhanced DBS check. They then receive full training and have ongoing supervisions with us. 

All befriending meetings take place in the daytime and in public places. 

Once all checks and references have been carried out, and the befriender is trained, the JUMP Project Lead arranges an initial meeting in a public place with:​ 

  • The JUMP Project Lead ​ 
  • The Young Person ​ 
  • The Befriender​ 
  • The Young Person’s Social Worker/ Key Worker (if relevant)​

Get involved

Interested in volunteering as a JUMP befriender? Click here to sign up

Do you want to refer a young person to JUMP? Click here to complete our referral form

Please note our referral criteria below.

We accept referrals for asylum-seeking or refugee young people​ who are:

  • Aged between 16-25 years old (referrals are usually no older than 22)​
  • Living in London, either unaccompanied or separated from their parents or usual carers

However, at JUMP, we recognise life does not fall neatly into administrative boxes. ​We will consider referrals that don’t quite meet our criteria on a case-by-case basis, while bearing in mind our resources.

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