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We cannot stand by while refugees suffer, says charity
The Jewish Chronicle, 11 June 2024

OPINION: Can we still hear each other after 7/10 and all that’s happened since?
Jewish News, 4 April 2024

Refugee charity names new chair
Jewish News, 14 March 2024

We must look outwards to protect our identity
Jewish News, 13 March 2024

Child asylum seekers: Call for inquiry after ‘disturbing’ report
BBC, 4 March 2024

We must end the callous disregard for child refugees
The Guardian, 4 March 2024

Calls for inquiry after refugee children made to guess who got foster care in ‘game’
The Guardian, 4 March 2024

OPINION: From Galloway to Anderson, we must keep extremists of all stripes out
Jewish News, 1 March 2024

David Mason on Crosstalk
Talk TV, 15 February 2024

David Mason on Aasmah Mir’s show
Times Radio, 15 February 2024

Furious row as Tories seize on Sadiq Khan’s verbal slip during interview where he said Labour ‘stands for anti-Semitism’
The Daily Mail, 15 February 2024

Why synagogues are being asked to mark Refugee Shabbat this weekend
The Jewish Chronicle, 1 February 2024


‘I get daily calls from refugees in Israel wanting to fight for the IDF against Hamas’
Jewish News, 27 December 2023

Limmud 2023 asks ‘Do Jews have a future in UK?’
Jewish News, 26 December 2023

David Mason on Salma El-Wardany’s show
BBC Radio London, 7 December 2023

Together for Humanity vigil held outside Downing Street
Jewish News, 4 December 2023

Welby: ‘Time to clean our own doorstep of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia’
Church Times, 4 December 2023

Hamas killed Inon’s parents. His ‘revenge’ would be peace
The Times, 4 December 2023

Anti-hate vigil bids to protect UK communities
Daily Express, 4 December 2023

David Mason on Sandy Warr’s show
LBC, 3 December 2023

OPINION: Jewish experience is complicated
The Jewish News 9 November 2023

Anti-Semitism: The rise in persecution of Jewish populations around the world since the Israel-Gaza conflict began
The Scotsman 5 November 2023

Comment from David Mason
Daily Express 30 October 2023

Faith leaders say Britons should champion unity amid Middle East conflict
Eastern Eye 26 October 2023

Britain’s imams denounce deaths of innocent victims
The Times 19 October 2023

Challenging prejudice in the UK as war rages in the Middle East
Eastern Eye 17 October 2023

David Mason on David Lammy’s show
LBC, 15 October 2023

Suella Braverman criticised by communal leaders over ‘divisive’ migration speech
Jewish News 26 September 2023

Opinion: A need for more than spiritual asylum
Jewish News 14 September 2023

Afghan Institute honors IsraAID and Jewish NGOs for aiding refugees
The Jerusalem Post 29 June 2023

Jog on! 6,500 people raise thousands for good causes at Maccabi GB Fun Run
Jewish News 27 June 2023

Time for us to raise our voices for the oppressed stranger
Jewish News 21 April 2023

We need a Jewish voice to support the less fortunate
The Jewish Chronicle 11 April 2023

BBC’s Yalda Hakim thanks Jewish community for refugee support
Jewish News 29 March 2023


Suella Braverman’s incendiary rhetoric is truly shameful
The Guardian 3 November 2022

Rabbi says Braverman’s migrant ‘invasion’ comments ‘make me feel pained as a Jew’
Jewish News 1 November 2022

Abandon Rwanda policy, JCORE urges new PM
Jewish News 8 September 2022

Wokeism isn’t antisemitism
Jewish News 8 September 2022

Call to abandon Rwanda policy
The Times 7 September 2022

Where does new British PM Liz Truss stand on ties with Israel and UK Jewry?
The Times of Israel 5 September 2022

Backlash on Truss remarks
Jewish News 18 August 2022​

Afghan Refugees
The Times 15 August 2022

Truss sets out plan to ‘protect British Jewry’ with attack on ‘woke civil service’
Jewish News 12 August 2022

Lord Harrington: It is ‘our destiny’ as Jews to help those fleeing persecution
Jewish News 15 June 2022

Refugee support charities join forces to maximise impact
The Jewish Chronicle 15 June 2022

UK and US charities supporting refugees and asylum seekers to join forces
Jewish News 13 June 2022

Jewish leaders condemn Rwanda asylum plan
Jewish News 19 April 2022

Government plans to deport asylum-seekers to Rwanda denounced by faith leaders
Church Times 19 April 2022

Plans to offshore asylum seekers to Rwanda are cruel and disturbing
The Guardian 15 April 2022

Concerns about the Homes for Ukraine scheme we can’t ignore
Jewish News 23 March 2022

Community members condemn government’s treatment of Ukrainian refugees
Jewish News 9 March 2022

There is no excuse for woeful UK response to Ukraine’s refugee crisis
The Guardian 9 March 2022

Government must take lead in supporting people of Ukraine – joint call from 50 charities
The Times 25 February 2022​

Jewish groups call for expulsion of far-right Israeli MK visiting Britain
The Algemeiner 10 February 2022​

The continued importance of Holocaust Memorial Day
Race on the Agenda 24 January 2022


How Lord’s became a place of comfort and hope for Afghan refugees
The Cricketer 29 December 2021

28 rabbis express ‘deep concern and dismay’ to Priti Patel over asylum bill
Jewish News 7 December 2021

Urgent campaign to support safe passage for Afghans launched
Jewish News 25 August 2021

British Jewry Mobilizes Humanitarian Aid, Donations for Afghan Refugees Through Synagogues, Businesses
The Algemeiner 24 August 2021

Jewish group urges government to come up with refugee plan for Afghanistan
Jewish Chronicle 16 August 2021​

Social justice
Progressively Jewish, Podcast 12 August 2021

For many refugees, Illegal routes are the only option
Jewish News 12 August 2021

The great divide
Jewish News 12 August 2021

Deputies reject application from racial equality council to join Board
Jewish Chronicle 27 July 2021

JCORE and Manchester Zionist group fail in bids to get on Board of Deputies
Jewish News 27 July 2021

Jewish groups call out racist abuse of Black England players
Jewish Chronicle 12 July 2021

Faith groups protest government ‘inhumane’ immigration plan
Independent Catholic News 10 May 2021

Board president on race report: ‘Still clearly much work to be done’
Jewish News 22 April 2021

Those seeking asylum deserve so much better than this government
The Guardian letters 28 March 2021​

Lord Dubs leads criticism of Priti Patel’s overhaul of asylum system
Jewish News 25 March 2021

Jewish cabaret group partners with BLM in anti-racism video
Jewish News 24 January 2021

“You’ve Got a Friend – Hai Un Amico”, la canzone in 22 lingue in solidarietà del movimento Black Lives Matter
La Stampa 19 January 2021

VIDEO: Singers Collaborate For ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ in 22 Languages in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter
Broadway World 12 January 2021


Roald Dahl’s family urged to engage with community after antisemitism apology
Jewish News 8 December 2020

Jewish group calls for action after UK found to have broken law over Windrush
Jewish News 26 November 2020

Jewish equality group explores impact of pandemic on asylum system
Jewish News 17 November 2020

28 Tories wrote about an Anti-Semitic trope and no one seemed to notice
Vice 13 November 2020

Jewish caterer answers Marcus Rashford’s call, providing 300 free school meals
Jewish News 28 October 2020

Jewish groups ‘disappointed’ over removal of protection for child refugees
Jewish News 20 October 2020

East Finchley child refugee campaigner urges government to protect family reunion
Ham&High 19 October 2020

25 rabbis write to Priti Patel protesting ‘deeply unethical’ asylum policies
Jewish News 14 October 2020

Patel’s asylum plans lack sense and compassion
Guardian letters 12 October 2020

150 MPs and peers back Jewish News Uyghur campaign
Jewish News 1 October 2020

Interfaith charity marks succot with quilt of 700 squares made by refugees
Jewish News 1 October 2020

Letter supporting BAME groups signed by 50 communal organisations, 130 people
Jewish News 30 September 2020

British Jews show solidarity with Black, Asian communities in UK
Jerusalem Post 24 September 2020​

Board anger over ‘pejorative language’ towards refugees
Jewish News 17 August 2020

Ten simple and much-needed steps for British Jews to help combat racism
Jewish News 22 July 2020

13 tonnes of hair taken from China’s Uyghur Muslims has ‘Nazi resonance’

Jewish News 16 July 2020

Black lives matter everywhere
Jewish Chronicle 8 June 2020

Fighting racism calls for action, not empty words
Guardian letters 8 June 2020

Leading Black activist: ‘We need you to say, your struggle is our struggle’
Jewish News 8 June 2020

Lammy: black and Jewish people share historic pain – we must fight racism together
Jewish Chronicle 8 June 2020

UK Jewish groups urge members to ‘play their part’ to help black communities
Jewish News 3 June 2020 

Why are BAME communities disproportionately hit by Covid-19?
Jewish News 8 May 2020

Jewish group backs inquiry into ‘disproportionate impact’ of virus on minorities
Jewish News 4 May 2020

11 positive stories from migration charities making a difference during Covid-19
IMIX Website 1 May 2020

‘I found a political home in the UK’
IMIX Website 1st April 2020

International Women’s Day: celebrating two remarkable social justice pioneers
IMIX Website 6 March 2020

Journey to the Greece of my grandparents
Jewish News 5 March 2020

New immigration policy provokes fears over community social care and security
Jewish News 19 February 2020

Windrush Ignored
Jewish Chronicle letters 14 February 2020

The refugee experience remains inextricably linked to Jewish identity
Jewish Chronicle 22 January 2020

Lord Alf Dubs joins Jewish campaigners in refugee demonstration
Jewish News 21 January 2020

By adoption victimhood we betray our self-image
Jewish News 16 January 2020

Don’t abandon young refugees
Jewish Chronicle letters 3 January 2020


The British government must not abandon these child refugees
Guardian letters 24 December 2019

Let’s take our values to the ballot box
Jewish Chronicle 6 December 2019

If I were Prime Minister
Jewish News 5  December 2019

JCORE’s Rosh Hashonoh message received cross-communal support
Jewish Tribune 25 September 2019

JCORE petitions on social justice
Jewish News 26 September 2019

UK Jewish communal fury at Trump’s ‘racism’
Jewish News 17th July 2019

MP calls for Jewish and Black communities to work together
Jewish Tribune 3rd July 2019

Jewish group urges government to resettle more refugee children and young people
Jewish News 20 June 2019

Jewish leaders welcome call for faiths to support each other in racism fight
Jewish News 27 March 2019

Jewish human rights groups back Tory Islamophobia probe
Jewish News 7 March 2019

With the case of Shamima Begum, our emotions must be separate from the law
Jewish News 21 February 2019

Not right on Far right
Jewish Chronicle letters 1 February 2019


We should be supporting efforts to agree a definition of Islamophobia
Jewish Chronicle 18 December 2018

Jewish communities will not be ‘cowed’ from from helping refugees after Pittsburgh
Jewish Chronicle 31 October 2018

We have formed a new group of black, Asian, Muslim and Jewish people to tackle racism within politics
Independent letters 15 September 2018

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour and the IHRA definition of antisemitism
Guardian letters 6 September 2018

Rabbi condemned for saying Islam ‘has no place in Britain’
Jewish Chronicle 4 September 2018

Communal bodies urge UKIP to adopt IHRA code as senior figures in party block move
Jewish Chronicle 31 August 2018

Boris Johnson’s burka remarks are not about free speech, but hate.
Jewish News 9 August 2018

Boris Johnson’s ‘totally disgraceful’ burka remarks condemned by community.
Jewish News 7 August 2018

Rabbi warns against ‘sympathy for extreme right’ and accuses of Boris Johnson ‘racism with a smile’.
Jewish Chronicle 7 August 2018

June Jacobs obituary
The Guardian 3 August 2018

June Jacobs, leading campaigner for peace and human rights, dies at 88.
Jewish Chronicle 23 July 2018

Jewish bloc in Stop Trump protests through London ‘transcends community lines’ 
Jewish News 13 July 2018

Jewish groups welcome UK’s commitment to human rights convention
Jewish News 12 July 2018

Friends deliver knockout donation for Jewish befriending service
Jewish News 11 July 2018

Our community must learn how to disagree
Jewish Chronicle 4 July 2018

How the Jewish community is helping refugees integrate in Britain
Jewish Chronicle 22 June 2018

UK’s migrant policy has been clumsy and callous
Guardian letters 3 May 2018 (second letter down)

Young Jews and Muslims collect over £500 for refugees sleeping rough
Jewish News 2 May 2018

We must speak out over Windrush
Jewish Chronicle 25 April 2018

The MP and the Windrush migrants’ plight
The Times letters 17 April 2018 (letter jointly organised by JCORE)

‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letters condemned by Jewish groups
Jewish News 14 March 2018

Jewish human rights group urges support for refugee family reunions
Jewish News 8 March 2018

Jewish human rights group meets Golders Green Islamic centre team
Jewish News 2 Feb 2018

Rabbis call on Israel not to deport African asylum-seekers
Jewish Chronicle 30 Jan 2018

A selection of earlier articles:

This is our chance to change the narrative
Jewish Chronicle  1 Sep 2017

The Jewish vote? It’s more complicated than that.
Jewish Chronicle 21 June 2017

Forty years of fighting for refugees
Jewish Chronicle 19 May 2017

Desperation in the Grande-Synthe refugee camp in Dunkirk
Jewish Chronicle 6 Apr 2017

Volunteers and refugees ‘have so much in common
Jewish Chronicle 21 July 2016​

The world must work together to help solve the refugee crisis
Guardian Letters 28 Jan 2016